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Motiv8 : Season 2 Episode 3: Me, at a National Lab? Unlocking the STEM Pathway with LLNL

Join Tony Baylis, director for the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability, and Randy Pico, senior superintendent of the Engineering Directorate as they illuminate the compelling reasons why every STEM student should contemplate a career at a national lab.

Motiv8 : Season 2 Episode 2: Real Recognizes REAL

STEM Core Fan Favorite, Gabe Lomeli, Strategy & Account Manager for LinkedIn, challenges listeners to tap into their authentic selves as a cheat code to unlocking natural networking skills. Gabe also has a special LinkedIn offer for Motiv8 listeners (listen to enter drawing)!

Motiv8 Season 2, Episode 1: Empowering Innovators: What Steps Can We Take to Foster Women in STEM?

This episode shares an honest conversation with longtime change agent for women in STEM, Annie Soler VP of Programs and Strategic Growth for Tech Bridge Girls.

Intern Spotlight: Miho Sekiya from Pasadena City College

"The practical insights, academic perspectives, and transformative experiences offered are truly invaluable."

Motiv8 Episode 5: Can we pretend to be Tech recruiters for the day?

Internship season is upon us! Listen and learn from a recruitment specialist to best position yourself for your next intern role!

Intern Spotlight: Patrick Jojoba's Experience at Sandia National Lab

From studying Computer Science at New Mexico State University to Interning at a National Laboratory

Justin Sommerville's STEM Summer Bridge success story

From meeting new people to exploring his interests in IT, Programming and software development Justin knows he will shine in the future through his participation at Forsyth Tech.

How CNM Is Helping this Student Fulfill Her Lifelong Dream of Becoming an Engineer

STEM Core student, Vicky Lizardi-Lobb originally wanted to study engineering after she graduated from high school. But two decades passed before she finally got the opportunity.

Intern Spotlight: Alan Leyva from Central New Mexico College

Learn about how MEMS- Micro Electromechanical Systems influenced Alan's STEM journey

Motiv8 Episode 4: Can We Bridge Our Way to STEM Success?

21 STEM Core Summer Bridge programs took place on campuses across the country on STEM Core campuses. Hear from a few of our Summer Bridge participants (plus faculty) as they share how the experience affected their perspectives at STEM students!