Mayra Perez

Program Coordinator

Mayra Perez joined STEM Core as a Student Support Specialist in 2018 and has since continued to run a cohort at one of our partner colleges along with joining as a Program Assistant. Mayra has worked in education for as long as she can remember working along the way as a program tutor, high school teacher, to a college Student Services Coordinator. Mayra brings experience in teaching, curriculum development, community outreach, coordinating academic programs, and student support. Her current and former positions have given her the ability and confidence to work with students of different age groups and in particular, under-served and first-generation students. Having experienced the different academic worlds ranging from community college to the California universities in her own academic journey, she truly enjoys assisting students as best she can to help them along their pathways. On her off time. Mayra enjoys crafting, attending concerts, and spending time with her husband and dogs.