Planning for Growth Sector’s 2022 STEM Core Summer Bridge programs has commenced, around the country, with 13 partners preparing to participate. The STEM Core Summer Bridge Program provides a paid opportunity for students to prepare for the academic year STEM Core cohort by completing foundational math coursework in tandem with hands-on Engineering and/or Computer Science projects developed in partnership with National Labs.

Each Bridge Site hosts either an in person or hybrid 6 week Bridge Program with virtual enhancement for guest speakers from industry. Students are paid a $1,500 stipend for participation and to aid in alleviating financial circumstances, which we know creates a barrier to student participation. Students are generally recruited from feeder high schools, community-based organizations, etc. Bridge components will help engage students in transitioning to community college academics, exploring campus resources, and engaging in STEM self-discovery.

2022 Participating Campuses

Anne Arundel (MD)

Central New Mexico CC

Cañada College

Dona Ana CC

East Los Angeles College

Evergreen Valley College

Forsyth Technical Community College

Gallup McKinley County School

Laney College

Miami Dade College

Navajo Technical University

New Mexico State

North Carolina A&T

Pasadena City College

Ohlone College

Shiprock HS

Foundational Math

Developmental math students face many barriers to achievement of STEM Degrees and careers including a limited understanding of opportunities in STEM, lack of STEM mentors and network, low confidence in math, and a need for increased financial, academic & social support. Summer Bridge is an opportunity to engage students in a strong foundational algebra curriculum to ensure precalculus readiness by their first semester of postsecondary. Growth Sector works with ORISE to create and train teachers in their math curriculum and hands-on STEM activities. These math courses also aim to build cohort cohesion and community by delivering them with a learning community cohort model.

Hands On Activities

Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education (ORISE), based at Oak Ridge National Labortory, will be contracted to develop a general math curriculum as well as 4-5 two-week modules for the hands-on STEM project experience. Hands-on projects will be based on research and work happening at partner national laboratories and may include engineering graphics, 3D printing, introductory-level computer programming, and cybersecurity simulations. ORISE, in addition to developing the modules, will work to train faculty who will be facilitating the workshops on their respective campuses.

Growth Series Workshops

Across campuses, building a network of competitive and prepared STEM Scholars is a priority of Growth Sectors interventions. Through the Student Support Specialists, Growth Sector will provide each campus with the tools to promote a campus-based social and academic support system for students. Bridge Sites will deliver workshops in areas where students need resources and guidance to develop a strong foundation for their postsecondary careers. All students will participate in mandatory weekly workshops to get connected to their campus resources, offices and STEM Core curriculum. Growth Sector will provide and work with sites to promote materials and activities. Furthermore by working with the different sites we can set up a space to share materials and resources across campuses and programs.

Workshop Topics

  • Networking/ Communication

  • Student Success Skills- Healthy Academic Habits

  • Teamwork/ Community Building

  • Building your Collegiate Success Team

  • Time Management

  • STEM Core Confidence

Summer bridge programs will further prepare students for the rigors and excitement of not only college, but a STEM pathway.