This past summer, Growth Sector expanded its reach by working with 12 institutions across the country to develop and implement STEM Core Summer Bridge Programs. Our 184 bridge participants were paid to explore their passions in STEM while setting a strong foundation in their academic and professional goals. Each bridge program included a foundational math course, and hands-on projects ranging from nanotechnology to cyber-security. Furthermore, students were able to enjoy networking with industry leaders through field trips and guest speakers. Overall, we are excited to continue to unpack the data and assessment of these bridge programs and share with our network. A huge thank you to our college, university, and funding partners for making these transformational experiences possible for our students. Please follow this link to view the 2022 Summer Bridge Report where you can find more information on the Bridge Programs, student testimonials, and best practices.

If you're interested in hosting a Summer Bridge Program in 2023, please reach out to Growth Sector's Summer Bridge Coordinator, Ivanna Abreu, at